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What we shoot?
What we shoot?
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Squareshot provides 4 image types:

  • Single product images (The image features up to 2 objects). Examples

  • Group images (The image features 3+ objects). Examples

  • Hero shots (The highest-quality image with creativity and styling involved);

  • On model photography (product photo shot on model).

All images include retouching and unlimited usage license. Subscription plans Starter, Growth, and Enterprise give you a lower price per image. Use Pay as you go plan if you have a one-time need or shoot images occasionally.

Squareshot provides high-quality images for 50+ product categories.

We've created a unique gradation of image complexity and sorted it into 4 product photography categories such as Basic, Standard, Advanced and Complex images to organize the workflow and predict the order turnaround time more precisely. Here's the full list:

Basic Category:

  • Accessories (Wallets / Pouches / Hats / Beanies / Phone Cases / Gloves / Sunglasses / Laptop Sleeves / Books / Magazines

  • Tumblers / Bottles / Glasses

  • Socks: Flat Lay

  • Ties / Bow Ties (w/o tying or complex styling involved)

  • Standard Footwear (all shoes except sandals, over-the-knee boots and shoes w/ straps)

  • Grocery & Households

  • Close up Images (e.g: clothing details, brand logos, stitching...)

  • Other Small Products (size up to 12'x12'x12', not reflective, has a standard form, w/o straps, and styling involved)

Standard Category:

  • Standard Clothing (casual, sport, streetwear clothing except for Blouses, Dresses, Skirts): Flat Lay

  • Standard Underwear (not transparent, basic fit, w/o straps or additional styling): Flat Lay

  • Men's Underwear: Ghost mannequin

  • Socks: Ghost mannequin

  • Scarves (w/ folding or styling involved)

  • Ties / Bow Ties (w/ tying or complex styling involved)

  • Belts (no styling or wrapping involved)

  • Tote bags: Flat Lay

  • Complex Footwear (sandals, over-the-knee boots or any shoes w/ straps. E.g. ankle straps)

  • Electronics (except headphones with cables)

  • Health & Beauty Products (cosmetics, grooming...)

  • Suitcases

  • Jewelry (Rings)

  • Umbrellas

Advanced Category:

  • Standard Clothing (casual, sport, streetwear clothing, dresses): Ghost Mannequin

  • Women's Underwear / Swimsuits / Bathing Suits (not transparent, basic fit, w/o straps or additional styling): Ghost Mannequin

  • Belts (with styling or wrapping involved)

  • Watches

  • Jewelry (Necklaces / Bracelets / Chokers / Earrings)

  • Briefcases / Tote Bags / Handbags / Clutches / Shoulder Bags (with straps, styling or stuffing involved)

  • Group Shots / Small Product Sets (up to 5 items)

  • Oversized Items (30'x30'x30' - 50'x30'x30'. E.g. Sheets / Carpets / Rugs)

Complex Category:

  • Backpacks / Bucket / Duffel Bags (w/ straps, styling and stuffing involved)

  • Sheet Sets (2-4 folded items in a set, steaming, styling involved)

  • Complex Clothing (transparent, unusual fit, additional styling: straps, bows, wraps, ties. E.g. Robes): Ghost Mannequin

  • Outfit (a set of up to 3 items): Ghost Mannequin 

  • Outfit (a set of up to 3 items, styling involved): Flat Lay

  • Complex Multi-layer Jewelry 

  • Metal, reflective watches (such as luxury or any analog watches)

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