You have a few options to get your product(s) back:

  1. You can schedule a pick-up from the Squareshot studio.

  2. You can upload a prepaid return label to your shipment.

  3. You can create & buy a return label without leaving Heroshot.

  4. If you don’t need your products back, you simply do not make a return shipping request.

Important notes:

  • We accept re-shoot/retouching requests by Email or through the Squareshot image gallery within 5 business days from the time you receive the images. After 5 business days, we will send the products back to you and edits will no longer be accepted. Learn more about Revision Policy

  • Due to our policy, we hold the products up to 5 business days after the order has been completed to have an opportunity to reshoot the images if something went wrong. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept reshoot requests if we don’t have the actual product(s) in the studio.

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