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Can I be present during the shoot?
Can I be present during the shoot?
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Unfortunately, we are not able to work with the client during shooting and here's why: 

We have fixed prices for our services meaning we have a fixed amount of time spent on each image. Based on our 10+ years of experience, when the client participates in the shooting process it takes much more time and the fixed price per image model stops working. We are trying to build an internet company with automated and scalable processes by using software, online order forms, and online communication only. We truly believe that 95% of all e-commerce product photography requests can be automated. We hope you'll help us achieve this by filling out the order form and providing clear shooting directions with examples. 

If you prefer to participate in the shooting process it would be better to hire a freelance photographer and with a studio and an hourly rate. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding! 

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