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Once the project turnaround time finishes, and you receive an approval link for ready images, you have 10 calendar days to request edits.

Revisions requested outside of the approval period are still processed, however, they will be paid.

Please highlight areas needing attention and provide clear instructions or references. We appreciate any information that can help us meet your expectations.

Edits could be either free or paid, depending on the cases outlined below.

Free revisions:

  • Any revisions made due to Squareshot's failure to follow shooting/retouching directions and angles outlined in the shot list and accepted proposal.

  • Matching the color based on carefully provided directions or references. Color matching means that Squareshot will match the color of the image to the actual color of the product. Color matching is not the same as recoloring.

  • Changing reflections on shiny products, including jewelry and watches, if the final images do not match the provided examples.

  • Any revisions made if the products have been shot upside down or using the wrong sex of the mannequin or any other severe errors.

  • Removal of a few folds/wrinkles or slightly softening them.

  • Decreasing the image size.

  • Decreasing the image paddings.

  • Changing the size, intensity, or color of the shadow.

  • Adding sharpness* to the images.

*Please note that white products on a white background may appear soft, but they actually have the same level of sharpness as other images. This is an optical illusion caused by a lack of contrast between the product and the background.

Paid Revisions:

Paid retouching edits are charged at $30/hour. If the edits requested take less 1 hour, we don't charge you for them.

  • Any changes made to the project after the shoot/retouching has started or the final images have been sent. Some common examples of paid changes include: changing the angle, layout, or styling; adding a new angle; removing shadows; changing the background; increasing image size; adding props, etc.

  • Any revisions made due to unclear directions from the client that were open to interpretation and assumption.

  • Any instructions or edits that haven’t been specified in the shoot request form or accepted proposal before the start of the production stage of the project.

  • Revisions requested outside of the approval period of 10 calendar days.

  • Recoloring the product.

  • Changing the shape of items that have been shot on a mannequin or as a flat lay, if specific examples with a different item shape haven't been provided before the work started.

  • Revisions based on the examples that haven’t been provided before beginning the work.

  • Revisions based on incorrect examples provided before the work has started. For example, if the actual type/category or shape of the product doesn't match the example provided.

  • Complete removal of all foldings/wrinkles if this hasn't been added as a "no wrinkles" add-on in the accepted proposal.

  • Adding folds/wrinkles if the service “no wrinkles” has been added to the accepted proposal.

  • Removing defects in the product that cannot be attributed to the quality of the images.

  • Changing reflections on the shiny products, including jewelry, watches, and belts, if the final images match the examples provided.

  • Any revisions made to the final images, if the final images match the test shot provided by Squareshot before proceeding with the whole project.

  • Any revisions made if there weren't any specific requirements before Squareshot began the shooting or retouching.

Turnaround time for revisions:

If revisions require a reshoot, they will take the standard turnaround time stated within the proposal. Revisions that do not require a reshoot take up to 3 business days.

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