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Services refunds

We do not issue refunds for photography services, retouching services, and additional services that have already been completed and delivered in the form of received images. However, we do offer "remote approval" and "remote shoot" services, as well as free or paid revisions to improve the final outcome. For more details, please refer to our Revision Policy.

If we are unable to deliver the images by the deadline, we will provide a store credit in the amount of 10% of the order.

Membership refunds

We provide refunds for Membership plans, excluding the amount that Squareshot provided as a discount for all services utilized by the client within the Membership plan.

โ€‹Example: The client purchased a Starter Membership Plan for $500 and ordered 30 flat-lay apparel images. The total invoice for the order is $1,350 ($50 * 30 - 10% discount). The client is dissatisfied with the delivered images and has requested a membership refund. The refund amount is calculated as follows: Membership price - Discount within the membership = Refund amount. $500 - $150 (10% discount for 30 images, $5 * 30) = $350. The total refund for this case will be $350.

We recommend purchasing a Membership Plan after you have tested our services. This way, you can ensure that you like the service and it meets your expectations.

Rush fee refunds

We provide a full refund for the RUSH fee if the project is not delivered within the agreed timeframe.

Can I get a refund for unused images?

We do not charge for the usage of images or image publishing rights. Our charges are for the services provided, which include photography, retouching, and additional services. As we have no control over the subsequent use of the images, we do not offer refunds for services that have already been provided in the form of received images.

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