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  1. Squareshot does not accept orders by phone or in person. We’ve custom-built our Ordering process for optimal workflow organization and efficiency. This is the only way we can avoid misunderstandings or situations where information gets lost.

  2. The client is responsible for providing clear directions without leaving anything open to interpretation or assumption. Clients who understand their vision and take time to provide thoughtful directions and follow our requirements have the best experiences with us.

  3. Squareshot is responsible for products damaged during the shoot and will issue a refund equal to the retail price of the product.

  4. Squareshot is not responsible for lost, stolen, misdelivered, or damaged packages and products prior to receiving them into our studio or for packages and products once they have left our studio.

  5. By sending your products to be imaged by Squareshot, you are allowing us to remove retail tags and/or other packaging materials if necessary to shoot the requested images. If you would prefer to keep the tags or packaging material on, let us know but be advised it may affect the order price and turnaround time.

  6. If you have a few people involved, please select only one person who will be responsible for collecting feedback and communicating with us to avoid any misunderstandings or a bystander effect.

  7. We cannot guarantee an exact copy of your example(s) and 100% consistency from image to the image since many factors must be taken into account including lighting, photographer, equipment, and different product specs such as material, form, color, etc.

  8. 3D models and overly-photoshopped images from high-end brands can’t be used as examples of quality. We do not provide apparel images without wrinkles or reflective items without reflection because that type of image requires hours of photographing, retouching, and 3d modeling by highest paid industry professionals and may cost $500+ per image.

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