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What may affect the price?
What may affect the price?
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Product Weight
The additional charges may be applied as the product weight is over 15 lbs.

Product Size
The products over 30'x30'x30' are considered oversized. The price range for oversized products is $50 - $150. The products over 50'x30'x30’ may not be accepted for shooting or an additional charge may be applied.

Product Prep
These charges depend on the additional time it takes to prepare and/or assemble a product.

Product Defects / Damaged Products
The additional charges may be applied if the product has visible production defects, stains, holes, or scratches that require additional time to style the product, make it look symmetrical, or fix the issues during retouching.

Product Styling
The additional charge depends on the following:
- The time it takes to style the products prior to photography.
- Special equipment or expertise is required to style the product.
- Client’s styling requirements (the client should be as specific as possible).

Unusual Studio Setup for Complex Items
These charges will depend on additional equipment, time, materials, and people required to build the set.

Group Images / Product Layout
The additional charge depends on the number of items in the image or the time it takes to group, style, and shoot the products based on detailed instructions from the client.

Clothing Condition
Make sure that your product(s) are clean and carefully ironed. If not, we are happy to provide the ironing/steaming service for $3 per item (not per image).

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