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My tracking says the package is delivered - now what?
My tracking says the package is delivered - now what?

What is going on when the package is marked as delivered, but we have not let you know about it?

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Squareshot is responsible for all of the items that have crossed our door and are present at the studio. As soon as we have received a package, we review the order and in case we find any inconsistencies or questions, we will be sure to reach out to you before we send the invoice out.

Thus, once we get in touch with you with questions or a note that we are good to go with the invoice, you know that we have received the package. However, what is going on when the package is marked as delivered, but we have not let you know about it?

Well, here we do have to admit that we all sometimes face big and small issues with deliveries of the packages. All of the known large logistic companies have hiccups in their work. The current situation shows that the drivers often are overworked and underpaid for the job they do, which is why many packages get misdelivered or even delivered days after they were supposed to.

Here’s the list of where we have located our packages during our searches:

  • The mailroom

  • Building manager’s office

  • Another tenant

  • Other building

  • The driver's truck

Shipping companies also might also want to avoid admitting their mistakes and sometimes try to cover them. For example, we had several cases of an investigation started, and while it was ongoing, the missing package would appear unannounced at the door.

Please, note, that as soon as we get hold of the package, we acknowledge it, which means that if we have not given you a note of acceptance, we do not have it. The best way out to proceed is to pass over the tracking number to us (if you hadn’t sent it already) so that we can check on the known places packages get misdelivered to and start an investigation with the shipping company.

Sooner or later the package gets located, but the miscarriages on the shipping carrier’s end are hard to guess or make amends to. That is why we rely on you to timely send the items over to us to avoid any emergencies caused by the delivery hiccup. But even if the package gets lost by the shipping company, the Squareshot team will do its best to have it located as soon as possible.

Note, that in case of a delayed delivery Squareshot cannot be held responsible for the delivery miscarriage caused by the shipping carrier and cannot expedite the images at its own expense to make up for the lost time. In case these images are needed by a certain date, please, make sure to let us know of the rush for us to include it in your invoice.

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