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How to schedule your drop-offs & pick-ups
How to schedule your drop-offs & pick-ups
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Once you've accepted your proposal, you'll need to deliver your products to the assigned to the project studio. If you've selected dropping off as your method of delivery, here's an overview of the process.

Navigate to the schedule link of the studio assigned to your project.


13 Grattan Street, Ste 202
Brooklyn, NY 11206



1049 S Los Angeles St, Unit 203
​Los Angeles CA 90015


Once you've opened a Calendly link, select a comfortable time slot for product drop-off.

Once you are inside the booking window, provide contact information of the representative responsible for delivery, purpose of booking (drop-off or pick-up), and an ID of your Proposal / Project (can be retrieved from Client Portal, email or the Proposal itself)

Note: Once we have received your products, we confirm the number of the arrived items in accordance with the proposal. If items are missing or there are extra, the proposal and the invoice will be adjusted before we move forward with the project.


Once you received and approved the images, you can follow the same process as illustrated in the drop-off section to schedule your pick-up.

​Important note for item pick up:

  • Please do not pick up the product(s) before you approve the images! Due to our policy, we hold the products up to 5 business days after the order has been completed to have an opportunity to reshoot the images if something went wrong. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept reshoot requests if we don't have the actual product(s) in the studio.

  • It is especially important to fill out your Proposal ID during pick-up scheduling, so that the items can be packaged before your arrival.

  • If you cannot pick up your order within 30 calendar days, you may contact customer service at [email protected]m or the Account Manager attache to your project to extend your studio pickup time frame. If we do not receive an extension request within 30 calendar days, the products will be donated or disposed of.

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