You have three shipping options:

  1. You can schedule a drop-off of your product(s) at the Squareshot office assigned to your project.

  2. You can generate UPS/USPS shipping label by adding a shipping address in the Heroshot. You'll get the label by email once you accept the proposal.

  3. You can generate a shipping label with the shipping service of your choice and provide us with the tracking number

Important notes:

  • Please do not send or drop off or ship your products before you fill out the Intake Form and accept the proposal.

  • Please note, Squareshot is not responsible for lost, stolen, misdelivered, or damaged packages and products prior to receiving them into our studio or for packages and products once they have left our studio. The product is considered "delivered" when you receive a delivery confirmation email from the Squareshot Team. See full Squareshot Policy

  • Make sure all the items have been included in the shipping or drop-off. Once we receive the items, we review the total number of images and send the invoice. Photos of all the items that were not included in the original shipping would be included in a separate invoice.

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