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How to properly build your order for the shoot
How to properly build your order for the shoot

Tips to make the most out of order process

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At Squareshot, we've simplified the ordering process for our photography and related services to resemble an e-commerce experience that our clients are familiar with. In this article, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process to place an order for the service(s) you need.


Begin by selecting the types of service you require.

The first step is to select the service that you need. We offer a range of services, including clothes photography, beauty photography, jewelry photography, watches photography, home goods photography, bags photography, shoes photography, and accessories photography. Once you've selected the service, you'll be taken to the service page.


Customize Your Request

On the service page, you'll need to customize your request according to your specific needs. Here are the options you'll need to choose from:

Shoot Type: This option allows you to specify the type of shoot you need. For most of the services you'd be choosing between standard or on the surface, but for clothes photography, you can choose between shooting images flat, pinned, or with a ghost mannequin.

Objects in image: This option allows you to specify the number of objects you want in each image. You can choose between a single object, paired objects, small groups, or large groups.

Shadow: This option allows you to specify the type of shadow effect you want. You can choose between no shadow, soft shadow, hard shadow, or reflection.

Number of Images: You can specify the number of images you require for your project. Note that this step may be skipped, but the total cost of the project would not be calculated if missing.

Add-ons: Depending on the service you choose, there may be add-ons available. For example, for clothing photography, you can add steaming to your order.


Add to Cart and Finalize the Request

Once you've customized your request, you can add the service to your cart. You can list as many services as required for your project.

When you're ready to proceed with your order, click on "Finalize Request." You'll be taken to the next page, where you can provide more information about the shoot.


Moving to the next page, tell us a little bit about your brand, project, and shooting preferences. This will help us identify the kind of photography, styling, and creative direction you require. There are no limitations in this section, so make descriptive as you'd like. The more information you provide, the more catered our proposal will be.

Important note:

The information you provide when building a shoot will be included in the proposal, which serves as a contract. If we lack any information to prepare a proposal, we will reach out for clarification. There's a direct correlation between the information you provide and the result. Any details you leave out maybe be a detriment to the final outcome. We rely on you to provide clear guidelines to get the best product photography for your brand.

Next up, select the Image specs from the available options or set custom ones.


On the next page, there's also an option to attach files. We highly recommend attaching the following things if available:

  1. References for angles

  2. References for styling

  3. Styleguides

  4. Shotlists


Last but not least, tell us where you are shipping your items from, so that we can forward your request to the proper studio.

Important note: In some cases, we will offer you a different location. This happens if the proposed studio can accommodate your order faster or is specialized in the type of photography you require. Do not worry, we provide consistency across all of our studios by recording lighting setups and shooting guidelines.

As well as that, this step is asking for your preferred turnaround time (based on the selected membership plan):
โ€‹STANDARD: 6-8 business days* since we receive the products and the payment.

RUSH *3-4 business days* since we receive the products and the payment ( the order total would increase by 50% due to the rush fee)

Important note:

Applies for orders up to 50 standard product images.

Optionally, you can select a membership plan if you plan to shoot large volumes (the following is applicable for 6-month plans). You get the first benefits from the Starter plan when you shoot 70+ standard images. If you plan on shooting 100+ standard images, we recommend selecting a Growth membership plan to save money. And the Enterprise membership plan would be best for 250+. The savings for more expensive product photo services start at smaller image counts.

And, you are done! Our Client Relationship Manager will get back to you with a proposal within 1 business day.


If this is your first time shooting with Squareshot, to finish a shoot request, you'll be asked to create an account to send your request. Within your account, you'll be able to manage your shoot and receive updates about its status.

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