Intake form – is a time-efficient instrument that helps us identify your needs and image requirements, which we use to build a proposal for your shoot.

Begin by selecting the types of service you require. There's a selection of 6 services:

  1. Standard photo – a single product in an image of any category (other than jewelry or watches)

  2. Paired photo – two products within an image. Usually, these products complement each other, or it's a single product that comes in two pieces (shoes, beauty, and its packaging).

  3. Group photo – image that features 3 or more objects.

  4. Ghost mannequin – products photographed on a mannequin, which is later on digitally removed. This effect provides more volume and can show "the fit" of the product.

  5. Jewelry & Watches photo – highly-detailed product shots of jewelry and watches.

  6. Hand model photo – products being manipulated by hands to show more action or interaction.

Important note: if we see that the services you have selected do not fit your type of product, we might offer you what we see most applicable based on your budget, brand, and our experience shooting over 50,000 images.

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Once you have selected the services, you move to the second stage of the intake form. Select a studio location that is closer to you or takes the least amount of time for shipping.

Important note: In some cases, we will offer you a different location. This happens if the proposed studio can accommodate your order faster or is specialized in the type of photography you require. Do not worry, we provide consistency across all of our studios by recording lighting setups and shooting guidelines.

Then, select a budget range. If you have budget limitations, it's important that you provide them. Based on your budget we will identify the most essential angles for your category and, if possible, offer a strategy to make the most out of what we have (e.g. recoloring in the editing stage instead of shooting the same product in different colors).

Next, write the number of SKUs you have. Please be very precise in this field, as this will directly impact our proposal and the cost of the shoot.

SKU (pronounced “skew”), short for stock keeping unit, is used by retailers to identify and track its inventory, or stock.

Finally, tell us a little bit about your brand and shooting preferences. This will help us identify the kind of photography, styling, and creative direction you require. There are no limitations in this section, so make descriptive as you'd like. The more information you provide, the more catered our proposal will be.

Important note:

The information you provide within the intake form will be included in the proposal, which serves as a contract. If we lack any information to prepare a proposal, we will reach out for clarification. There's a direct correlation between the information you provide and the result. Any details you leave out maybe be a detriment to the final outcome. We rely on you to provide clear guidelines to get the best product photography for your brand.

There's also an option of attaching files. We highly recommend attaching the following things if available:

  1. References for angles

  2. References for styling

  3. Styleguides

And, you are done! Fill in your contact information and our Client Relationship Manager will get back to you with a proposal within 1 business day.

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